The languages of the symposium are Turkish and English. It is also possible to write and present the text in Arabic. The speakers will be given a duration of 20 minutes for presentation. The abstracts of the accepted papers will be published before the symposium; full texts will be published after the symposium.

The paper proposals, the abstracts and the full texts should be written in accordance with the rules below. The texts should be sent to according to the dates announced under the “important dates” icon.


Page Setup

  1. Papers must be written in the A4 format; the text should be justified, 2.5 cm from left and right. Line spacing will be 1,5 cm.
  2. The page numbers should be included.


The Style of the Text and the Fonts

  1. The full text of the papers should be in A4 size and MS Word format.
  2. The title must be bold in capital letters, in 12 pt. Times New Roman. It must be center-aligned.  The text will be justified, 2.5 cm from left and right. It should be written in 12 pt. and the line spacing will be 1,5 cm.
  3. The name and surname, affiliation/institution, email, mobile phone of the author should be written under the main title in 10 pt., center- aligned.
  4. The title of abstracts, the abstracts and key words should be written (in Turkish and English) in 9 pt. with a single line space, and center-aligned.
  5. The abstract should not exceed 500 words; and full text should not exceed 20 pages.

The Footnotes and the Bibliography

  1. The footnotes and the bibliography should be written in accordance with the rules worldwide.
  2. Short references within the text should be written in quotation marks ("…"). The longer ones should be written without quotation marks by leaving one line before the reference and two lines after the reference.  The footnotes should be written at the bottom of the text.
  3. The bibliography should be written in alphabetical order at the end of the text.
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